Darkness Comes In Like A Flood

They’ve just become Christians—and the battle explodes!

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.   Isaiah 59:19 KJV

Plunged instantly after their baptism into a fiery spiritual storm, Loren and Eve face the vicious assaults of the Arcane Institute as its leaders pull out all stops to win back or destroy their old disciples. Meanwhile, there is little harmony in Harmony as a new contender emerges amidst rivalry, conflict, and deception.

When a mighty move of God forces Loren and Eve to abandon everything, they must hide in a dangerous refuge. Then Alexander disappears, danger closes in, and Loren and the now-pregnant Eve must flee for their lives. Will they be willing to suffer for their new faith when the deeper trials come?

Will they even survive?

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"In light of what we now see happening on the streets and in the political life of key states, this spellbinding novel provides hope in the face of a potentially scary future in America." 
--Les Stobbe, Literary Agent, Author


Study Guide Available

This in-depth, chapter-by-chapter guide to Darkness Comes in Like a Flood, the second novel in the Omega Point Series, explores our characters' struggles with key issues in the storyline from a biblical point of view.

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