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Are You Standing Against the Forces of Darkness?

10/10/23 – Listen to a Chat about Science, Magic, and Godhood: A Discourse on Occultic Sciences. Parker Cole hosts Richard & Linda on Write Stuff about the "occult sciences."
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Parker Cole Hosts Richard & Linda on Write Stuff

7/18/23 - Learn about their first two novels in the Omega Point Series and their new Study Guide to the second book. The second novel follows Loren and Eve as new Christians learning about spiritual warfare and their own sinful natures through violent assaults and twisted entanglements. The Study Guide opens up the background to the novel to help struggling Christians learn discernment about our times.
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Jim Duke Interviews Richard & Linda on the Jim Duke Perspective

3/6/23 - On this podcast learn about their new booklet, Psychedelic Seduction (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 2022), their rescue from the New Age Movement, and our current times.
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Richard & Linda talk About Their "Born-Again Marriage”

2/14/23 - With Parker J. Cole for Valentine's Day. This year marks their 60th anniversary.
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Richard & Linda Answer Questions from Listeners

7/16/22 - Questions from their 5/11/22 interview with Parker J. Cole on the topic of psychedelic seduction.
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Interview with Richard & Linda about Psychedelic Seduction

5/11/22 - Their new booklet, Psychedelic Seduction (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 2022). This interview was Parker J. Cole's most-listened to podcast of 2022.
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Easter Interview with Richard & Linda

4/3/21 - Easter Show: The Risen King. The meaning of Christ's Resurrection.
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Parker J. Cole interview with Richard & Linda

10/24/20 - Release of book 2 in their Omega Point Series, Darkness Comes In Like a Flood (Little Tree Media)
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Interview with Richard. Father's Day Show. "The Fatherhood of God."

6-9-20 - Richard discusses his childhood growing up in a Marxist-atheist family in San Francisco.
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Mother's Day Interview with Linda

5-9-20 - Mother's Day Program. "From Feminist to Feminine."
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Interview with Richard & Linda: "Drugs, Deception, & the Spiritual Realm."

4/11/20 - How do drugs affect us on a spiritual level? When we partake of certain substances that alter our chemical balance, what happens to us? What do we invite into our lives and our souls?
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Linda Discusses her Booklet

3/7/20 - The Cross & the Marijuana Leaf (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 2017), and answers listeners' questions.
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Interview with Richard & Linda about their Recent Release

12/7/19 - The Glittering Web (Redemption Press) on the Parker J Cole Show, PJC Media. Parker says, "I entered a fictional world set in a near-future context. A world where New Age theology reigns supreme and supposedly is the best thing to happen to mankind. All religions have been properly scrubbed and fit into the context of New Age theology along with technology used to enhance existential experiences. The Glittering Web of the New Age shines so bright in this context. But all that glitters is not gold…
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